Glenn Foster Jr

Glenn’s march is set for March 4th at 12:00pm

The march will include a press conference from the legal team, a case update and a march. The press conference and march will start at the Pickens County Courthouse and go around the Pickens County jail located across from the jail. Signs and banners are encouraged. Some banners and signs will be provided. The march should last one hour. Please join us in support of Glenn.

About the courthouse: This historic courthouse has an etched face in a window believed to be likeness of Henry Wells, a black man who was accused of burning the second courthouse building in 1876. During the 1800s, Wells was imprisoned in the courthouse. More about this story could be viewed here .

Alabama Pickens county law enforcement has a pattern of being involved with police brutality which involves the lives of people of color. In 2019 Sheriff Todd Hall was sworn into office. That same year, Wallace Wilder, an unarmed citizen, was killed in his house during a police wellness check. The sheriff and his deputies forced themselves into his home and shot him several times, killing him during a wellness check. Wallace’s family was able to get a copy of the video. Please view story here. The sheriff nor his deputies were charges.

Michael Broady Jr., died on Aug. 22, 2021, after an interaction with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office. Broady’s sister and her attorney, Johnathan Austin, claim Michael, 40, was found unresponsive at the Sheriff’s Office after having been arrested for an unknown offense. They said they filed a Notice of Claim—a copy of which was obtained by The Daily Beast—in September to that effect.

The Notice of Claim alleges that Michael was tased in the incident. Broady said Sheriff Todd Hall later told her that her brother was found unresponsive upon arrival at the county jail and pronounced dead after failed efforts to revive him. More of the story here

Glenn Foster Jr. – died December 6, 2021, after  a minor traffic violation. Glenn died 3 days later in the back of a police SUV. The medical examiner says he died from natural causes. The second autopsy report showed evidence of strangulation and neck compression. Here’s an interview with Glenn’s wife Pamela Foster here

It’s time to take a stance and revolt against police brutality in Alabama’s Pickens County. Please join us as we peacefully protest, Saturday March 4,2023, noon.

Pickens County Courthouse: 1 Courthouse Square, Carrollton, AL 35447

T-shirts can be purchased here (external site).