Glenn’s Story

Glenn Foster Jr. was a beloved husband, father, son and business from Chicago, IL. He was raised by loving parents, Sabrina an Glenn Foster Sr., along with his sister Bria. During his early years he was always active and very loving to everyone around him. He attended Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago where he started playing football. Glenn did not make the team the first time he tried which gave him the motivation to strive for bettering himself. By the time he was a senior he received over 30 college football scholarships. Glenn selected the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL as his choice as he felt it gave him more opportunities to play and better himself. He met his wife, Pamela, during his college years. From then, he went on to play for the New Orleans Saints from 2013 to 2016. He went from being undrafted to starting during his first year. Glenn always said he would look up to the best players and use them as motivation. During his time on the field he was also building his real estate portfolio and family. Glenn and Pamela had four daughters. After his time with the Saints, he moved on to build a few businesses in real estate and the construction industry. He opened Southern LA Granite (SLAG) and grew it to two locations.

After building his success, Glenn wanted to give back to the community and started reaching out through speaking engagements. He also started the Foster Family Foundation in hopes of helping elevate others and help people overcome adversity.

Glenn believed we are all creative beings and that a person is not defined by one title. With the new stage in his life he also started tapping more info his creative side and wrote some songs. One of his songs, where his daughters also sing, called “I can do anything”, was never finished because his life was taken before he could release it.

Glenn was driving through Alabama on a business trip and was stopped by the police in this small time. A traffic violation turned deadline at the hands of the Pickens County Jail under Todd Hall’s tenure. Glenn was under police custody when they found him unresponsive in the back of the police transport vehicle. The police claims they do not know what happened to him and that he died from natural causes. Glenn was a healthy 31 year old who worked out regularly and had no pre-existing conditions. A second autopsy revealed signs of strangulation among other sings of brutality in Glenn’s body. The police department has been very quiet over the circumstances surrounding Glenn’s death and has not cooperated with the family since his passing. They have been covering things up from the moment he entered the jail. No one has been charged and Glenn is not the only black male that has died under mysterious circumstances in that jail. The family is still demanding answers and Pickens has not provided any.